S.No. Elements Scheme
1 Data Identification Infor Name of Dataset Keywords
Name of Data Access Constraint
Ministry/Department Purpose of Creating Data
FGDS Theme Maintenance and Update Frequency
Abstract Data Type
S.No. Elements Scheme
2 Contact Information Contact Person City
Contact Person Position/Post Country
Organization Country
Organization Address Contact Email
S.No. Elements Scheme
3 Geographic Extent Infor West Coordinate North Coordinate
South Coordinate Administrative Location
East Coordinate Coverage
S.No. Elements Scheme
4 Citation Data Prepared by Associated Publications
Mapping year Person email
Digitizing year Person Affiliation
Survey year Company Name
Associate Project preparing the data Company Address
S.No. Elements Scheme
5 Attributes Name of attributes Properties of attributes
Description of attributes Attribute Overview
S.No. Elements Scheme
6 Projection Information Name of Projection Projection Parameters
S.No. Elements Scheme
7 Date ISO 08601
S.No. Elements Scheme
8 Dataset Topic Category Data Identification Category
S.No. Elements Scheme
9 For Image Data Name of Satellite Bit per pixel
Sensor Spatial Resolution
Path Spatial Resolution Unit
Row Number of Bands
Image acquired from Number of Rows
Date and Time of Image Number of Columns
File Format Purchased/ Obtained on Exchange
S.No. Elements Scheme
10 Maintenance Informatio Maintenance and Update Frequency Update Scope
Date of Next Update Update scope description
S.No. Elements Scheme
11 Credit Responsible Party
S.No. Elements Scheme
12 Distributor Information Distributor Contact Person Distributor Fax Phone
Organization Distributor E-mail Address
Distributor Position Distributor's Data Set Identifier
Distributor Address Distribution Disclaimer
Distributor City Transfer Format Name
Distributor Transfer Format Version Number
Distributor Postal Code Transfer Size
Distributor Voice Phone
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