About nsdi


Provides the GIS Community with an easy to use the single point of entry for open geographic/geospatial data. 

NSDI became prominent due to the following:

  • Fast development of spatial  thinking and informational technologies
  • Accumulation of spatial information in the various field
  • Unavailability of high-quality spatial data
  • Similar or same data often collected  and maintained at different organizations
  • Costly to government


The key element of NSDI  is data sharing that provides the reduction of costs of spatial data producing due to ruling out of doubled work;  data quality increases, efficient planning of various areas makes accurate and actual information available. Such area includes Defense  and Security, Economics, Energy, Health, Real Estate Market, Land Management, Transport, Tourism, Agriculture, Education, Culture etc.  require  availability of harmonized geographic data, e.g.  existence of transport, addressing  network spatial data is crucial for optimal managing of fire, road accidents, natural disasters, accidents, crisis situation, rescue operations, for valuation of environmental impact risks, for planning tourist routes, new medical, educational and other organizations.  Establishment of the foregoing system will benefit all society.